Journalist Leiner Montero and broadcaster Dilia Contreras shot to death in Magdalena, Colombia

  • Source: FLIP
  • August 29, 2022

"FLIP regrets and rejects the murder of journalists Leiner Montero and Dilia Contreras, in a village of Fundación, Magdalena department [Colombia], which took place yesterday, Aug. 28. Montero was well known in the region and, according to sources close to him, had received death threats prior to his murder.

Montero was the director of the radio station Sol Digital and also wrote on the web page Leiner Montero - historias, where he published news content and complaints sent by citizens. Contreras worked as a reporter and announcer for RCN Radio in Bogotá, and at the community radio station Voces 89.4 FM in Santa Marta. She was currently working with Montero to narrate the stories she posted on her Facebook page.

Contreras and Montero were covering the patron saint festivities in the town of Santa Rosa de Lima. According to sources consulted by FLIP, hours before his murder Montero had an argument in Santa Rosa and that person threatened him. Hours later, an unknown person shot at them on the road to Fundación. [...] According to FLIP, in the past two years Montero had received threats on different occasions. The most recent ones happened in the last six months and led the journalist to uninstall the transmitters of the radio station he had set up in the municipality."

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