Journalist Mardonio Mejía's murder leaves news vacuum in municipality in Sucre, Colombia

  • Source: FLIP
  • February 13, 2024

"Two weeks ago, on Wednesday, Jan. 24, journalist Mardonio Mejía Mendoza was murdered in San Pedro, Sucre [Colombia]. Since then, Sonora Estéreo 94.3 FM, the community radio station where he was manager and journalist, and the only one in the municipality, shut down. His murder brought an unprecedented silence to this town in the Sucre savannah, a region bordering the Montes de María [in the north of the country].


The murder of Mardonio Mejía silenced and closed the main channel that the inhabitants of San Pedro and its surroundings had to access information. Today the town's homes and businesses that used to tune in to the station almost all day long have been left without options to listen to news or music. And the institutions have also had to look for other ways and media to make their current affairs known."

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