Journalist sues CNN Brasil for structural racism

"Reporter Fernando Henrique de Oliveira, who worked in 2020 as a correspondent in New York for CNN Brazil, is suing the broadcaster for structural racism. The case was revealed by Piauí magazine in a feature story based on the lawsuit, which is now being kept under secrecy. The lawsuit does not accuse any specific person of racial discrimination, but accuses the network, which denies the journalist's allegations.


The reason for his dismissal, according to the story, was due to a salary disagreement. When asking the professional to return to São Paulo, the network did not want to maintain in Brazil a salary of US$ 4,000, equivalent to about R$20,000 today, that he had received in the United States.

In its defense, CNN denied all the allegations and said that the former employee acted in a "frivolous" way by creating facts that did not exist. According to the network's lawyer, Marcelo Costa Mascaro Nascimento, if the network were racist, it would not have allowed Oliveira to expose on-air the harassment he had been through. It also would not have given space to other Black professionals to speak out during the coverage of the murder of George Floyd, a fact that triggered a worldwide wave of protests in favor of Black lives."

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