Journalists report assaults at government press conference in Amazonas, Brazil

"Last Thursday (Oct. 29), Manaus was the scene of another episode of aggression against press freedom in Brazil. What was supposed to be a press conference by the deputy governor of Amazonas, Carlos Almeida Filho (PTB), was converted into a speech and assaults by Military Police Sergeant Michele Welche Silva Lobo against journalists Rosiene Carvalho, who specializes in politics and is a reporter for Band News radio and UOL correspondent; Jullie Pereira, reporter and presenter of the site Amazonas Atual; Cynthia Blink, reporter for Rádio Mix and the site O Amazonês; and photojournalist Adriano Santos, from the site Manaós.


What followed were attacks on the press. In the videos, it is possible to see Sergeant Michele Welche Silva Lobo, who protects Carlos Almeida Filho, pushing Rosiene and make contact with journalists Jullie Pereira and Cynthia Blink. Photojournalist Adriano dos Santos, who was filming the situation, was pushed around and prevented from filming the face of the military police."


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