Julia Gavarrete, from El Salvador, and Martín Caparros, from Argentina, among the winners of the Ortega y Gasset Awards

"The media El Faro and La Vanguardia, the photojournalist Santi Palacios and the writer and journalist Martín Caparrós have been the winners of the 40th edition of the Ortega y Gasset Journalism Awards, as announced by the jury, meeting this Wednesday at the headquarters of El País in Madrid.

The Ortega y Gasset award in the category of best story or investigative journalism went to the feature story "Una familia que no debe nada huye del Régimen de Excepción," by Julia Gavarrete and published in El Faro, El Salvador. The work is about the flight of a family from that country for fear of being sentenced for a crime of which its members have already been acquitted. (...)

In the category of best multimedia coverage, the prize went to "Congo River: A journey from the sources to the mouth of the great river of Africa," by Xavier Aldekoa and published in La Vanguardia. It is a series of stories resulting from a journey with eight stops along the 4,700 kilometers [about 3 thousand miles] of the Congo River. (...)

The Ortega y Gasset award for best photograph went to photojournalist Santi Palacios, for an image taken in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, for the magazine 5W. It shows several bodies lying on a road. At least 420 civilians were killed in this Ukrainian city in April 2022. (...)

The Ortega y Gasset award for professional career went to Martín Caparrós. The Argentine journalist and writer has dedicated 48 years to his profession, working in radio, television and the written press. He has published chronicles, reports and even literary fiction in Clarín, New York Times, Internazionale, or El País."

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