Judiciary censors report on illegal gold trade published in Repórter Brasil

“Judge Air Marin Junior, of the 2nd Civil Court of Boa Vista (RR), granted an injunction determining the removal of excerpts of the report '"I buy everything': Yanomami gold is freely sold on Rua do Ouro, in Boa Vista,” produced by Amazônia Real, in partnership with Repórter Brasil, and published on June 24 of this year on both sites. He responded to the request of one of the people mentioned in the article.

The withdrawal, made without a final and unappealable decision and without any hearing to hear Repórter Brasil is censorship, as it violates press freedom, a premise of the democratic State provided for in article 5, item IX of the Constitution. In addition, 'no law shall contain a provision that may constitute an obstacle to full freedom of journalistic information in any media outlet,' article 220 of the Constitution also states."


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