Martina Castro, podcasting pioneer in Spanish: 'Journalism must ensure there are free voices in this medium.'

"Martina Castro (born in the United States, 40 years old) arrived at Estación Podcast Festival Iberoamericano de Creación Sonora, a podcasting conference that will be held in Madrid, Spain, until Sat., May 14, as one of the great voices of podcasting in Spanish. And she is not only a leading voice because of her work at the microphone -or not only because of that-, but because of her production work and her interest in creating an industry as powerful as the audio industry in English. Her vision is as global as possible. She started as a producer at NPR, spent a semester studying in Madrid, won a Fulbright scholarship to return to her parents' native home in Uruguay, and worked for a while in Chile before settling in California (USA). Along the way, she has been one of the driving forces behind Radio ambulante, a pioneering space for podcast storytelling in Spanish, and Adonde Media, a bilingual production company focused on this same medium. Castro took advantage of her presence at this festival to introduce Canción Exploder, the Spanish version of the famous Song Exploder, that she will launch this summer."

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