Mexican journalist Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara dies in gun attack against policemen in Sonora state

"An armed attack against police officers in [the Mexican state of] Sonora left two people dead, among them journalist Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara, who was with the agents when they were shot. The Sonora Prosecutor's Office said that the attack against the police officers took place early this morning [Sept. 25] in the Aviación neighborhood, in [the city of] San Luis Río Colorado, where the four police officers were off duty. At the time, the journalist -who used to live in the neighborhood- was talking with them.

[…] After the attack, authorities implemented an operation with the three levels of government to find those responsible for the direct attack against the four policemen, which resulted in the death of one of them and of the 47-year-old journalist. [...] Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara [...] was a police beat reporter and was known among his colleagues for his live broadcasts on social media [...]. He was director of the news page ‘Notiface Prensa Digital de San Luis.’"

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