Mexican journalist who suffered attack denounces ineffective protection mechanism for journalists

"Journalist María Luisa Estrada, from the Mexican state of Jalisco, denounced this morning [Jan. 8], in front of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, threats and attacks against her, as well as the inefficiency of the Protection Mechanism for journalists. During the [President's morning press conference] this Monday, the journalist told, through tears, about the attack she suffered in July 2023 when she was traveling in her van with her underage daughter and from which both escaped unharmed.


[Estrada] explained that she has arguments to point out that the protection of journalists is a simulation, and mentioned [...] the panic button that is given to journalists on a device, after which they should receive a call, as an example. [...] President López Obrador only pointed out that [the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection] Rosa Icela Rodríguez would be asked to take the information that was denounced this morning. He also accused past administrations of creating mechanisms and autonomous bodies to face their 'problems of conscience.'"

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