Mexico: Attack on journalist by Civilian Forces of Nuevo León

"On Aug. 18, José Francisco León Álvarez, a reporter for NMAS, was the victim of a physical attack and threat by a member of the Nuevo León Civil Force, in Monterrey [capital of Nuevo León state]. The incident took place when the journalist went to cover a reported eviction.

At 1:40 p.m., when he arrived at the site it was not cordoned off, despite the presence of members of the Civil Force. While he was looking for neighbors to obtain information about the eviction, a member of the Civil Force accused him of crossing a supposedly non-existent cordon.

Subsequently, another member of the Civil Force aggressively approached Francisco [León Álvarez], grabbed him with force, and threw him against a patrol car. Without warning or justification, he threatened to arrest him for no reason. When he told [the officer] that he was being recorded, he desisted from arresting him and placing him in handcuffs. Five minutes later, another patrol car arrived, carrying cordon tape, which put into evidence the lack of a previous cordon. This clearly points to the inefficiency of the Civil Force, which has a negative impact on Francisco's safety and freedom of expression."

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