President of México attacks Carmen Aristegui and Proceso for not doing 'journalism in favor of the people' after investigative journalism story

"After Proceso and the Aristegui Noticias portal published the report 'Sembrando Vida and the chocolate factory,' which states that the Government's flagship program has had a particular boost in Tabasco and is alleged to have benefitted the children of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and their chocolate factory named "Rocío." The Executive said that what the magazine and Carmen Aristegui published 'is not true'.

In his morning conference this Nov. 29 in Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca, López Obrador said the magazine and the journalist 'created a publication that lies, has no grounds and seeks to stain us.' In addition, he said they do not belong in his so-called Fourth Transformation.

'Proceso and Carmen Aristegui have never been in favor of our movement and they say the reason is because they are independent. And I say they are independent, but independent of the people, they have never been involved, they have never done journalism in favor of the people,' said López Obrador."

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