Mexico: Pío López Obrador sues journalist Carlos Loret de Mola for 11 million dollars

"Carlos Loret de Mora informed that Pío López Obrador sued him and the digital media Latinus for moral and punitive damages, for disclosing videos in which the brother of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is seen receiving envelopes with cash.

According to Loret, the President's brother is asking for 200 million [US $11 million dollars] pesos as compensation for damages and the same amount from Latinus, 400 million pesos [US $20 million dollars] in total.

The communicator said that, in his lawsuit, López Obrador argues that his reputation was affected, as well as his possibility of doing business in the present.


Loret de Mola denounced today [April 19] on his program that 'the judge handling the case, Beatriz Elizabeth Silva Mata, has been operating very strangely in favor of Pío López Obrador. And she threatened me with a gag order. If I say anything about the trial, she could even put me in jail for 36 hours.'"

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