Milei government closes Télam news agency and police close its headquarters in Buenos Aires

“Following the announcements of President [of Argentina] Javier Milei, the national government closed the state news agency Télam. Personnel from the Police of the City of Buenos Aires fenced off their buildings in Buenos Aires and on its website www.telam.com.ar a message appeared with the Argentine shield and the phrase: 'Page under construction.'

It is the most important news agency in the country. The employees received an email with the 'work release' in which they were informed that all agency staff are 'exempted' from going to work for a week. More than 700 employees work at the Télam news agency, many of them in the provinces where the correspondents operate.

[…] As the only argument to announce its closure, Milei pointed out that he considered that the agency 'has been used in recent decades as a Kirchnerist propaganda agency.'"

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