Ministry in Brazil requests that news outlets be investigated for reporting on legal abortion

  • Source: Abraji
  • July 18, 2022

"On July 15, it was reported by the press that the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights [in Brazil] decided to request the opening of investigations into the legal abortion procedure performed by doctors in Santa Catarina to an 11-year-old girl victim of rape. Among the targets of the investigations would also be the website The Intercept Brazil for having published a feature story about it in partnership with Portal Catarinas, which disclosed the case and published excerpts of the testimony given by the minor to the judiciary.

The Ministry's request was forwarded to the organs of the Justice System and the Regional Medical Council of Santa Catarina to 'investigate the civil and criminal liability of The Intercept website for disseminating the images and audio of the special secret statement.' The site has not received any summons or communication about the legal proceeding and only learned of the measure following a report by TV Globo."

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