Mocking by President Bolsonaro's son about torture suffered by journalist Míriam Leitão provokes wave of condemnation in Brazil

  • Source: Valor
  • April 5, 2022

"A post by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro in which he makes an ironic reference to an episode of torture suffered by journalist Míriam Leitão during the Brazilian military dictatorship caused a wave of condemnation among politicians from various positions. On Twitter, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro shared the image of a column by Leitão, who is critical of the president, with the comment 'I still feel sorry for the [cobra emoji].' The journalist has previously reported that, in 1972, while she was imprisoned by agents of the dictatorship while pregnant, she was tortured and locked down in a dark room with a boa constrictor.


Leitão thanked the messages of solidarity on her Twitter account. 'I was enveloped by a strong, good and loving wave since Sunday. I appreciate all the people who showed support here and through other means. These messages strengthen me and help me have hope in Brazil and in the future of democracy, which has cost us so dearly."

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