Murderers of journalist Reynaldo López, in Sonora, Mexico, receive 76 years in prison

“A sentence of 76 years and 4 months in prison was handed down.. against José Carlos 'N', Jorge Alberto 'N', and Adán Isaac 'N' for their participation in the homicide of journalist Reynaldo López and the attempted homicide of Carlos Andrés López, in addition to criminal association. This ruling comes after a detailed investigation and trial process that concluded with the conviction of the defendants for the crimes committed on Feb. 16, 2019 [in Sonora, Mexico].


Reynaldo López, recognized for his contribution to journalism in the region, stood out for his coverage of issues of local interest and his vocation was radio broadcasting in various media outlets in the north. Carlos Andrés López, who managed to escape the attack alive, has continued his journalistic work, and continued to denounce attacks on journalists.”

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