National Academy of Journalism of Argentina expressed its ‘absolute rejection’ of the ‘siege’ against Marina Abiuso

  • Source: Perfil
  • February 7, 2023

"The National Academy of Journalism expressed this Thurs. (Feb. 3) its 'absolute rejection' to 'any kind of escrache' against people in public life by echoing the situation of TN journalist Marina Abiuso, who closed her Twitter account. [...]

Abiuso, journalist and gender editor of TN channel, denounced suffering harassment in her social media that led her to close her Twitter account, after receiving criticism for the difference between the coverage of the case of Lucio Dupuy and that of Fernando Báez Sosa in the channel where she works.

According to the criticism she received, in said channel there was a much greater coverage for the crime perpetrated by the group of rugby players, and they said that the treatment of the Dupuy case was not the same because the accused are women."

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