National strike in Peru: At least eight journalists were victims of attacks during demonstrations

"The Journalists Association of Peru rejected the aggressions against a journalist and a cameraman of Panamericana Televisión covering the protests in Lima. Through a statement, they asked the Peruvian National Police to provide security for press teams.

"Our association strongly regrets and condemns these vandalistic events. It reaffirms its request to the police to, in addition to protecting public and private property, also provide security to reporters of news outlets roaming the streets," reads the statement.


But perhaps the most striking case occurred in the Cercado de Lima. Five members of the press team of América Televisión were injured after being attacked by demonstrators in the so-called 'Toma de Lima [Lima takeover].' One of them was seized and hit with stones. Another lost two teeth and suffered an elbow injury, also due to stoning. In addition, they broke the windows of the TV channel's vehicle."

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