'Neither photographers nor journalists are responsible for the violence in Mexico': Pedro Valtierra, winner of the Guadalajara FIL journalism award

"'I don't work to win awards, I work because it excites me, because I like photography, because I like journalism,' said photojournalist Pedro Valtierra upon receiving the Fernando Benítez National Tribute to Cultural Journalism awarded by the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL, by its Spanish acronym). He dedicated this recognition 'to all my fellow photographers, but also to all the journalists who have died in the practice of the journalistic profession.'


Valtierra said that he does not think it is fair for photographers and journalists to be held responsible for the violence. 'Violence has nothing to do with journalism. Violence is generated by other causes, and journalists are not responsible for the violence in this country, nor are photographers,' he said. He questioned the decision of some media not to publish photos of violence, 'the journalist's responsibility is to portray the facts, whether good or bad.'

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