New repressive escalation against journalists, activists and opposition denounced in Nicaragua

“Human rights defenders, journalists, farmers and political prisoners – in the last six days – denounce a new repressive escalation of the Daniel Ortega regime through the police and supporters of the Sandinista Front, who continue to carry out sieges, retentions, criminalizations, threats and the impediment of political meetings.

The complaints made on social networks and in media include the impediment of the mobilization of a group of farmers who were heading from Rivas to Managua, the arbitrary retention of defender Yonarqui Martínez,  threats against journalist Jennifer Ortiz, obstruction of the work of journalist Geraldine Domínguez, detention of former political prisoner Marlon Castellón and the criminalization of the political prisoners Yorlin Robles and Óscar Amador."

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