Nicaraguan property administration expropriates home of journalist Patricia Orozco from Agenda Propia; she decides to go into exile

"Patricia Orozco, former director of Onda Local and director of the digital media outlet Agenda Propia, announced that she has gone into exile and denounced that the Property Administration expropriated her home that had been granted to her by the State and where she has lived with her family for 36 years.

'The Property Administration summoned me on three occasions demanding my presence at its central office or departmental delegations. Under the argument that property belongs to the State, they set aside the law and rather the instrumentalization to harass and persecute me for my ideas and my journalistic work. Under police presence, they forced my family to vacate the house late at night and early in the morning and to sign a “voluntary surrender” document under pressure. I denounce the fraudulent methods and the violation of the norm that the civil service of this entity uses.'

Orozco reported that due to harassment and persecution by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, she decided to go into exile."


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