Nicaraguan police beat and detain journalist Kalúa Salazar of Radio La Costeñísima

“Anti-riot agents of the [Nicaraguan] National Police beat and illegally detained journalist Kalúa Salazar, editor-in-chief of Radio La Costeñísima, in her home. At dawn on Monday, April 19, the communicator tried to leave her house in Bluefields, to go to the media outlet, but the officers forcibly prevented her from doing so.

'A caravan for the radio station came for me; in the car came the operator, the presenter and the editor, and when I was leaving, a police patrol stopped, they took my companions out of the vehicle and told me: 'you are not going to leave,' Salazar denounced in an interview via telephone with Confidencial.

The editor-in-chief demanded the officers tell her why she could not leave her home and exercise her right to work. She started recording the incident, but the officers responded by beating her in front of her family."

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