Nicaraguan police seize cell phone from journalist who covered detention of presidential candidates at airport

“Officers of the sanctioned Sandinista police seized the cell phone of journalist Carlos Larios of newspaper La Prensa when he was covering the siege and persecution of presidential candidates of Nicaragua, Medardo Mairena, George Henríquez and Luis Fley, who were detained at the international airport.

'I came to the Managua international airport to cover the departure of the opposition candidates for the presidency who are going to the United States, I was doing a live broadcast, a Facebook Live for the newspaper La Prensa when suddenly from the back an official from the police, an inspector to be exact took my cell phone and told us to get out of the door where the passengers enter, they told us to retreat to the other side and so far he has refused to return my cell phone,' Larios said in a statement to independent media."

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