Nicaragua's General Income Directorate imposes another fiscal assessment on Channel 12

“A new tax assessment is being levied against Nicavisión SA, the company that owns Channel 12, by the General Income Directorate (DGI). The institution demands seven million cordobas (US $ 201,125) from the television station and does not accept proof of the expenses and investments that the company has made in recent years.

This new debt is in addition to the 21 million córdobas (US $ 603,375) that the Daniel Ortega regime had already demanded from Channel 12 and for which the Nicaraguan Treasury seized the television station's assets on Sept. 11. In this way, the debt amounted to 28 million córdobas (US $ 804,500) and the gap between the amount of the alleged debt and the value of the seized properties, which amounts to 1.2 million dollars, was closed a little more."

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