International community expresses solidarity with Peruvian journalist Gustavo Gorriti after prosecutor's office opens investigation

"The Peruvian Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation against the prosecutors of the Lava Jato Special Team, Rafael Vela and José Domingo Pérez, and journalist Gustavo Gorriti and has ordered them to hand over the phones used between Jan. 2016 and April 2021, in a full investigation of the Odebrecht case in that country.

The purpose of the provisional supreme prosecutor Alcides Chinchay, who investigates crimes committed by public officials, is to lift the secrecy of their communications and reveal theirsources. The decision has sparked a wave of international solidarity from the journalistic community and organizations in defense of freedom of expression.

Gorriti, director of the IDL-Reporteros portal, is singled out for his role in investigating the ramifications of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in Peru. The investigations revealed the structural corruption of the country's political class."

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