On Journalists' Day in Venezuela, the country faces censorship, official disinformation and the threat of a reform that seeks to attack the profession

"'There is not much to celebrate, but there is much to demand,' Tinedo Guía, president of the National College of Journalists (CNP), said on June 27, Journalists' Day in Venezuela.


Between 2017 and 2019, according to a study by the NGO Espacio Público, 'the worsening of the social and political context impacted the media ecosystem by leading to the closure of at least 151 media outlets.' This coupled with censorship lead to the closure of a large number of radio and television programs, as well as blocking access to numerous news outlets [...].

So far in 2022, they have registered: 68 attacks on the press, 21 of them were due to impediments to cover events. There were 11 blockades of digital media, an equal number of smear and criminalization campaigns, eight cases of intimidation, seven of harassment, three press professionals had their graphic material erased and there were closures of radio stations."

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