Ortega strips 94 more Nicaraguans of nationality, including journalists, activists and other critics of the regime

"The regime of Daniel Ortega has stripped another 94 people of Nicaraguan nationality this Wed. (Feb. 15). Among those affected are writers Sergio Ramírez, Cervantes Prize winner, and Gioconda Belli, both in exile; Nicaraguan journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro; writer and feminist Sofía Montenegro; activist Azahalea Solís; Bishop Silvio Báez, one of the most critical voices of the Church, and activist Vilma Núñez, president of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CIDH). The dispossession has been notified by the president of the Court of Appeals of Managua, Ernesto Rodriguez and, according to the ruling, the affected persons are being charged with "treason" and are considered "fugitives from justice." In addition to withdrawing their Nicaraguan nationality, the justice system under Ortega's control ordered the seizure of all properties belonging to those affected. Among those losing their nationality, most of whom are in exile, is also journalist Wilfredo Miranda, a contributor to EL PAÍS."

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