El Salvador’s press remains under hostile environment, according to human rights observatory

  • Source: DW
  • July 28, 2022

“The Salvadoran press experienced a hostil environment in 2021 with attacks, espionage and the discrediting of journalism. This puts at risk fundamental rights in a democratic system such as freedom of the press and access to information, according to a report presented on Tues. July 26.

The document Freedom of the press and access to public information in El Salvador, prepared by the University Observatory of Human Rights (OUDH, by its Spanish acronym) of the Jesuit Central American University (UCA), identifies violations and difficulties experienced by journalists in 2021.

Attacks on the press, progressive concealment of public information, espionage and intimidation are the main situations documented in this report. Government officials and the Executive Branch itself are the ones singled out, according to the document, for committing most of these attacks.”

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