'Página Siete,' the main opposition newspaper in Bolivia, announces its closure due to lack of resources

"Página Siete, the main newspaper in opposition to the Governments of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia, has announced this Thursday that the newspaper for this June 29 would be its last edition, after 13 years of work as an 'ally of democracy.' 'We have decided to suspend the publication of Página Siete starting today,' the executive president of the newspaper, businessman Raúl Garafulic, wrote in a letter published on the newspaper's website. 'From now on, the procedure established by the Commercial Code and the applicable legal regulations for these cases will be strictly followed,' he says. The cause of this decision, as stated in the letter, is 'a combination of adverse circumstances.' 'I think we could call it a perfect storm,' Garafulic wrote of the combination of political pressures and severe economic straits."


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