Peru: 100 days have gone by without president Pedro Castillo responding to the press

  • Source: IPYS
  • June 3, 2022

"On June 2, 2022, President Pedro Castillo completed 100 days without responding or giving statements to the press. He did so during a visit to a school in the north of Lima, an activity that was neither communicated to the press nor included in his agenda because it was deemed to be 'private.'

Ada Ramos, a reporter for RPP who was covering the president's activities, pointed out that the event was held behind closed doors and without the entrance of journalists or that neighborhood's inhabitants. When the reporter tried to take statements from the president, she was prevented from doing so by state security.

In addition to these practices that have been happening constantly on the part of the Executive branch, there is the fact that for 106 days the press has been forbidden to enter both the hemicycle and the Pasos Perdidos [lost steps] hall of Congress, under the excuse that security measures must be taken before allowing the press to enter these areas of Parliament again."

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