Peru: Extremist group attacks IDL-Reporteros building

"This morning [Sat., Jan. 21, 2023], the premises of IDL-Reporteros and the Instituto de Defensa Legal (Legal Defense Institute or IDL) was the target of a new act of vandalism by a group of ultra-right-wing agitators, in yet another episode of the recent escalation of attacks promoted by the extremist group 'La Pestilencia [the stench].'

At 9:42 a.m., 11 people arrived at the property shared by IDL-Reporteros and IDL to throw garbage bags into the entrance courtyard and parking lot, while an individual, dressed in black, filmed the act which was executed with precision and lasted barely two minutes. Some of the attackers wore caps and face masks to avoid being identified by security cameras.

This is the second attack so far this week against the IDL-R journalistic team, in particular against its director, Gustavo Gorriti, and against IDL. Last Tuesday [Jan. 17], a mob of around 40 people led by Juan José Muñico 'Maelo,' leader of 'La Pestilencia,' carried out harassment actions, painted graffiti and attacked the IDL-R premises, in the face of the inaction of the police who were on the scene."

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