Peru: Far-right groups escalate violence against offices of IDL-Reporteros news outlet

"Two days after the publication of an investigation that stopped a campaign based on slanderous disinformation against news website IDL-R director, Gustavo Gorriti and newspaper La República director Gustavo Mohme, the ultra-right-wing groups known as 'La Pestilencia' [the Pestilence] violently attacked the offices of IDL-Reporteros on Friday night [May 5], which represented the fourth attack against Gorriti and IDL-R in the last four months. This last attack was the most violent of all.

More than fifty people gathered at 7:30 p.m. in front of the building shared by IDL-R and the Instituto de Defensa Legal [Legal Defense Institute] to hurl loud insults, threats, and throw objects. The attackers, [...] burst explosive devices, threw flares, bags with garbage and branches into the entrance courtyard and parking lot of the building.

Despite the escalation of violence, the police were slow to show up. When they did, they acted passively in the face of the mob's attacks. The attackers remained hurling insults and threats with total impunity for an hour and a half."

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