Peru: Subjects throw dynamite and destroy front of Cadena Sur television station's front wall

"In the early morning of Sept. 13, security cameras captured the precise moment in which two subjects on board a motorcycle threw an explosive at the main door of the television channel Cadena Sur de Ica (...) This impact totally destroyed the front of the establishment. To date, only material damage has been reported. According to the owner of this news outlet, journalist Gastón Medina Sotomayor, this television station had already been threatened for several months. On the first occasion, the suspects left an envelope with two bullets by the main entrance. Days later they placed excrement in the same place. In addition, they threw red paint and, only 10 days ago, they hung a dog with its throat slit on the door of the channel (...) The owner of the news outlet pointed out that the attacks have been occurring after complaints against the GORE [regional government of] Ica."

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