Peruvian congress president accuses journalist of violating his privacy 

  • Source: IPYS
  • July 3, 2024

“Alejandro Soto, President of the Congress of Peru, through the institution’s attorney, Manuel Eduardo Peña, has accused journalist José Miguel Hidalgo of América Televisión of disturbing the peace through surveillance [a crime in Peru related to gathering information and/or surveillance for the purpose of committing a crime].

The complaint is in response to a news report published last Sunday 'Alejandro Soto: Disputed relationships,' which highlights his romantic relationship with a woman whose sister was hired in his office without meeting basic requirements for the position. After publication, the president of congress said he was not committing nepotism because he was not married to the mother of his child and, therefore, the hired woman was not his sister-in-law.

Soto says that for the news report, the journalist and a team followed him, exposing his underage son and the son's mother. He also says they revealed personal information including his home address.”


Read original press release (in Spanish)