Peruvian Press Council says independence of Institute of Radio and Television of Peru is at risk

"This Wednesday [May 31], the Peruvian Press Council questioned the appointment of Ninoska Chandia as the new president of the Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP) for her 'professional closeness' with President Dina Boluarte. In a statement, it recalled that State media must have strict independence from the government of the day, since they provide a service to citizens, who have the right to be informed impartially.

It also indicated that hours before her appointment, Ninoska Chandia was director of Strategic Communication and Institutional Image of the Presidency of the Republic and previously worked in two areas of communication and image of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis, for its acronym in Spanish), when Boluarte led that entity.

'For this organization, the independence of the channel and the radio of all Peruvians is at risk because there is no guarantee of editorial independence of the IRTP signals from the Boluarte government. The IRTP presidency must be filled by a professional with extensive journalistic experience. The discipline of institutional image is not journalism,' it stressed."

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