Photojournalist murdered in Chihuahua, Mexico; alleged perpetrator is charged, while motive for crime is being investigated

"The Attorney General of the State [of Chihuahua, Mexico], César Jáuregui, said that no motive can be ruled out in the [Nov. 16] murder of El Heraldo de Juárez photojournalist Ismael Villagómez.

'We've already resolved the case in the first instance. We are not going to rule out any line of investigation. What is clear and has been determined is who the perpetrator of the homicide is,' he said [...].

[...] One of the individuals [allegedly involved in the crime] is not only charged, but was given one year of preventive detention […].

Jáuregui was clear in pointing out that it is very important [to determine] if the motive was related to Villagómez's activity as a journalist, and not only as a car driver in the evenings [...]."

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