Police raid home of Radio Darío director in León, Nicaragua

"At 3:40 in the afternoon of this Monday, Jan. 4, in the city of León, two National Police patrols, with approximately a dozen anti-narcotics and anti-riot agents with canines arrived at the home of the director of Radio Darío, Aníbal Toruño. The agents entered after destroying the iron fence and the main door of the businessman's house, who was working in the offices of the radio station.


Aníbal Toruño has suffered a fire at the Radio Darío facilities in April 2018, a constant police siege on the radio, serious death threats against him that forced him into exile for nine months, and even a raid on the new facilities of the station in December 2018, but this is the first time they have broken into his home with the threat of incriminating him in the crime of drug trafficking."

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