Press organizations speak out against harassment and threats against journalist in Peru

“The protests against the government of Dina Boluarte continue in Peru. In the first week of March, came the news of the death of six soldiers who drowned trying to cross the Llave river in Puno, in the South of the country. The coverage of this topic was mainly carried out by the correspondent of this newspaper [La República], the journalist Liubomir Fernández. The journalist revealed the events that took place from sources present at the time , including both citizens and military personnel from the area. He said that many of the soldiers did not know how to swim, and that the protesters had not attack them. In some cases, they even tried to help them.

However, as a result of his journalistic work, the Puno correspondent suffered various threats and harassment. For this reason, various press organizations have spoken out in support of Fernández.

The Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) reported on the harassment of Liubomir Fernández. ‘Fernández was the only journalist who was present. His coverage denied the official version of the Government, from the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, which said that the soldiers had to go into the river because a mob of community members were cornering them with stones and sticks,’ said the organization.”

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