Press workers in Cochabamba, Bolivia, demand respect for the Print Law and freedom of expression after judge's decision

“Workers of different media outlets in Cochabamba [Bolivia] protested this morning [April 27] demanding respect for freedom of expression, the Print Law and in rejection of the injunction that a judge made to 13 media outlets to provide information at the request of lawyer Jhasmani Torrico.


'This mobilization has the objective of reminding the judge that she has made a serious mistake because it is far from her reach, from her competence, to instruct 13 media to deliver privileged information on internal work. That information will not be released because it does not correspond, we can only be processed through the press court and that is what the law says and justice must comply,' said David Ovando, leader of the Federation of Press Workers of Cochabamba.

Last week, Judge Sofia Camacho agreed to Torrico's request to order 13 media outlets to hand over information and the names of the journalists who covered the case 'torture attorney,' to initiate proceedings for defamation and injury. Torrico has a six-year prison sentence for torture and abduction."


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