Prosecutor is accused of allegedly ordering murder of Haitian journalist Garry Tesse in 2022

  • Source: CPJ
  • April 1, 2024

"The October 2022 murder [of Haitian journalist Garry Tesse] sparked outrage and street protests. But the investigation into the death […] has languished, leading his family and friends to accuse the government of a cover-up to protect the man who is in charge of prosecuting the crime, Ronald Richemond.


Shortly before his death, Tesse had gone on radio to denounce an alleged plot by Richemond to have him killed. According to his friends and family, Tesse’s source was a former member of the prosecutor’s security team, Ricardo Bain, who was also a friend of the journalist. Bain resigned from his job in protest over what he described as the prosecutor’s ‘criminal’ activity […].

Bain was arrested the day after Tesse’s disappearance, accused of slandering the prosecutor. [...] However, Bain recently accused Richemond of ordering the killing in a recorded phone interview from jail with SOS Journalistes in February.

‘It was Richemond who planned the assassination,’ Bain said in the recording [...]. CPJ could not independently verify the authenticity of the recording, but people who know Bain said that the voice appeared to be his. Bain’s account is also consistent with what Tesse’s family said Bain told them."

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