Pulitzer Center and Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund offer grants for reporting on the impact of Brazil's elections in the Amazon

"The Amazon Rainforest Journalism Fund (RJF) and the Pulitzer Center are opening a new, special call for grant applications. Journalists, editors, and independent media organizations are invited to submit a proposal on the impact of Brazil’s elections on the Amazon rainforest.

The projects should consider the intersection of upcoming elections for president and Congress and their impacts on deforestation, and other critical issues in the region. They might consider how congressional decisions are influencing local actions; they could look at the conduct of campaigns in the region, or investigate how the prospect of a change of power is affecting the situation on the ground. They could focus on conservation, Indigenous communities, illegal mining, land grabs, regulation, or environmental crime.


Proposals for this special call must be received by April 18, 2022. Applications can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese, or English. Reporting may be done in any language. The review committee will select a limited number of projects meeting the proposal criteria, with priority given to collaborations that can reach a broad domestic and/or international audience."

Read the call for proposals