Report documents and systematizes five years of press freedom violations in Nicaragua

"1329 press freedom violations, mostly perpetrated by state agents, against 338 Nicaraguan journalists, and 378 aggressions against 78 media outlets were documented and systematized by the Foundation for Freedom of Expression and Democracy [FLED, by its Spanish acronym], between April 2018 and April 2023, one of the darkest and most violent periods for independent journalism in Nicaragua.


Throughout the five-year period, the predominant pattern against the press was that of aggressions and attacks, which was repeated 759 times, representing 57.7% of the abuses committed by the Nicaraguan government in that period. The second most common pattern was stigmatizing discourse, and the third one was restrictions on access to information.

The report states that, of the 338 journalists attacked, 63 were attacked several times, 24 of them in more than 10 occasions, while nine of them were stripped of their Nicaraguan nationality."

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