Reporter is attacked by former mayor in Amazonas

  • Source: G1
  • July 12, 2021

"Reporter Lucas Lobo, correspondent for Rede Amazônica in Humaitá, was attacked by former mayor Herivâneo Seixas, this Thursday (July 8). The professional registered a police report.

The attack took place on the street, in front of a store owned by the former mayor. The reporter sought out Oliveira to comment on the investigation by the public prosecutor of Amazonas into the hiring, without a bidding process, of a company to provide rapid tests for the detection of COVID-19. The contract with suspected overpricing was signed by the municipality of Humaitá in 2020, when Herivânio Seixas was mayor, elected by PROS


The former mayor then physically assaulted the reporter, who had the microphone ripped from his hands and his cell phone thrown on the ground and broken. Then Seixas takes the equipment and takes it to his car. The former mayor still calls the police to arrest the reporter while exercising his profession. Another man, who is allegedly the son of the former mayor, also threatened his life and cursed the reporter."

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