RSF registers 62 cases of press freedom violations in the Amazon in 10 months

"The Observatory of Press Freedom Violations in the Amazon of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) reported that there were 62 cases of press freedom violations in the region between July 2022 and May 2023.

The data began to be compiled following the murders of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous activist Bruno Pereira in the municipality of Atalaia do Norte. Of the total of 62 violations, there were 32 attempts to prevent journalistic coverage, through intimidation, harassment and damage to equipment or physical aggression; nine threats; five death threats; four abusive lawsuits or arbitrary court decisions; three invasions or attacks against media headquarters; one shooting attack against a journalist, among other aggressions.

More than half of the aggressors are private agents, according to the survey. The most common profiles are extreme right-wing demonstrators, organized crime and companies in the mining, agro-industrial and tourism sectors. The media that suffered the most violations during the period cover politics, environment, human rights, and public safety."

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