Salvadoran news site El Faro accuses the government of making up another case against it

"In his antidemocratic obsession to destroy voices that are critical of him or don’t render him homage, President Nayib Bukele wields all available tools of the state as a machine of persecution. The government of El Salvador is doing whatever it can to quiet anyone who thinks differently or critically examines it.

At the end of last week (April 9), we were notified of the preliminary conclusions of an audit that the Treasury Ministry has been conducting of El Faro’s finances over the past year. The Treasury claims to have found, in our 2017 accounting records, an intentional tax evasion of $33,700 dollars. The accusation is completely baseless, as El Faro will prove on paper and, if necessary, in court. But we also reject the claim here, publicly, in order to maintain transparency with our readers and to stand tall before the executive’s propaganda machine."


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