Surviving a murdered journalist in Mexico

"For many years, Griselda, one of the first people to arrive at the street where Javier Valdez lay dead with 12 bullets in his body, cursed her husband: 'Why did he have to sign that article,' 'he was selfish and didn't think of us' or 'he didn't love us as much as he said...,' she reproached him every night when they turned off the light next to a small table full of medicines.

Five years and many hours of psychologist's therapy work after his murder, Griselda Triana (Guadalajara, Jalisco, b. 1969) has begun to refer to him with the naturalness of someone who talks about her old partner with whom she spent 27 years and had two children. During this time, she has moved to another house and city, she lives surrounded by escorts and panics about any truck with dark windows, but she has managed to love again this 'damned profession' that took her husband away from her."

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