The dangers of the 'Ingrid Law': It could clash with freedom of expression and information in Mexico

"The Chamber of Deputies celebrated the approval of the Ingrid Law as a historic advance for the rights of victims and against the re-victimization of women who suffer femicide. All parties approved last week for the first time a reform to the Penal Code that punishes with up to 10 years in prison the dissemination of these images, especially of women, girls, boys, adolescents, and people with disabilities.However, paradoxically, the text of the reform as approved leaves the door open to curtail information of public interest, such as that contained in some criminal investigations, as well as to punish journalists who disclose it. The debate takes place in a country plagued by violence, where nine out of ten crimes remain in total impunity and in which in numerous times the media are the only ones that publicize the human rights violation. “We are not talking about information that could cause harm to the victims ―as in Ingrid's case― but information that society has the right to know," says Leopoldo Maldonado, director of the organization in defense of freedom of the press Article 19."

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