The Haitian Times thrives by understanding its audience, making smart financial decisions and embracing AI

Despite the challenges faced by the media industry, the Haitian Times –a print and digital newspaper catering to Haitian immigrants in the United States– has managed to not only survive but thrive by adapting to the changing needs of its audience. Through a combination of smart financial decisions, leveraging technology like AI, and deeply understanding the interests of their diverse audience, The Haitian Times has carved out a unique space for itself in the media world.

“No one is going to be able to tell our story better than us,” said Vania Andre, the paper’s chief technology officer. “We have a diaspora that is ever evolving […], and that is multilingual now. We’re just really trying to keep up with the generation that’s to come, to make sure that their information needs are going to be serviced when they start looking for it.”

The Haitian Times is experimenting with AI in reworking press releases into articles that align with the paper's style, helping reporters with the initial editing process, suggesting experts to quote, and assisting in expert research. By leveraging AI in these ways, the newspaper aims to increase efficiency and productivity in producing content, allowing the small team to maintain a robust presence and output despite resource constraints.

“Our goal is not to replace a reporter. It’s really more about the pace. Our reporter is still involved. It’s really about being able to turn out stuff in a much quicker capacity than what we would’ve been able to,” Andre said.

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