'The State looked the other way': Colombia apologizes for murder of journalist Guillermo Cano

“The night of Dec. 17, 1986 left an open wound in the history of Colombian journalism. That day Guillermo Cano, former director of El Espectador, was murdered by hitmen linked to the Medellín Cartel.

Within the framework of Journalist's Day and 37 years later, the Colombian State apologized for the incident and recognized its responsibility for not having protected the journalist's right to life. The ceremony was attended by family, friends, journalists and representatives of the Government, the Foundation for Freedom of the Press and the Inter-American Press Association.

The recognition ceremony was led by the Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, who assured: 'We all failed Mr. Guillermo Cano, his family, El Espectador, and the journalists.' Furthermore, he said that the Colombian State 'looked the other way' and that his murder is 'inexcusable.'”

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