Court acquits men accused of killing journalist Pedro Flores in Peru in 2011

"The First National Transitory Superior Criminal Court Specialized in Organized Crime [of Peru], presided over by Perú Valentín Jiménez La Rosa, resolved to acquit the defendants in the death of journalist Pedro Flores Silva, a crime that occurred in September 2011.

The acquitted are Marco Rivero Huertas, Antonio Azalde Lluen, Miguel Becerra Pérez, Bladimir Castillo Castro, and Emilio Ciriaco Agreda. The court determined that there was no convincing evidence against the defendants.


'Once again, a case of murder of a journalist in the exercise of his profession has been left unpunished, not evaluating all the evidence, both testimonial and documentary, that is in the file. A terrible and improper motivation has been made for the resolution that acquits the accused by not adequately evaluating each piece of evidence offered by the public prosecutor's office and the civil party,' said Juan José Quispe, [lawyer from IDL who represents the family of Pedro Flores]."

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